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HS Seniors

Chris made it so much fun. It was an amazing experience.
He has fun with it, and helps you out with everything.
I will definitely come back to Waldrons again.

--Nathaniel, Mitchell 2010

I was so comfortable getting my picture taken and I feel like
they turned out great. Thank you for a great experience and
some "bangin" pictures.

--Monika, Out of State 2010

I loved getting my senior portraits done here.
Everyone was happy and efficient. I had a
smile the whole time. It was wonderful. Thank you.

--Mary, Doherty 2010

Wonderful experience with the picture taking. Chris
is very flexible with every part of your personality to
truly make the photos unique and show who you are.

--Keith, Sand Creek 2010

Chris did a great job. It was a lot of fun. I felt very comfortable
taking pictures and it was a great experience.

--Patrick Liberty 2010

I loved the hair and make up. Janie did a great job.
The photography was really great. Chris was very
patient, especially with getting me into the right poses.

--Jeanette, Widefield 2010

I had a great time. Chris worked with my dog and kept us all happy. He kept us smiling the whole time. We had a great time.

--Jennifer, Wasson 2010

I had a lot of fun. It was very comfortable. There were a
lot of cool places to shoot in the backyard too.

--Kendra Doherty 2010